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Fuselage sides. Best place to start?


I guess we will use comments on posts until a proper forum can be set up. We have to start somewhere. Let the process begin……….


We will be referencing these stations often, I prefer to just label them by their distance from the datum reference, the firewall being 0. Any thoughts or objections?




In my opinion this should be the first step of the building process, therefore, the first section of the actual plan set.

Figure 1 Some of the building pointers I have seen show the fabrication of the fuselage beginning with the building of two sides, then connecting them with the geometry of the former weldments.

Figure 1

Figure 2  The only problem I foresee is keeping everything square beyond this step, as the airframe bends toward the centerline. I would approach this by connecting the two sides at stations 19 and 55 first, then bring the fore and aft sections together.

Figure 2 Airframe side viewed from the top



One other snag, not obvious at first glance of the plans, would be that some of the tubes have offsets that will not lend themselves to building on a flat table, the areas in red should not be welded until the two sides are mated.

Side highlighted

Figure 3

It appears that this may be the way others have accomplished this.




I think this style of documentation is much easier to follow than the original plans.

Station 0 V1