Single Place Bush Plane Project

It’s sad that such  popular designs can’t seem to find the support of their designers. I have grown quite tired of witnessing people hopelessly attempt to hunt down a designer just to beg to pay $250 for a set of plans that are, quite frankly , garbage that can be had for free all over the internet.  Obviously, people were able to build these aircraft from these plans, but only because the designers were available for question, they have clearly checked out so here are the plans….. in all their pencil drafted glory!!

Pup 1

Pup 2

Ultra Pup

J3 Kitten (Added 22 DEC 2015)

NEW PLANS SET (Updated plans available as each page and section is completed)

!!!ATTENTION!!!! The New Plans Set is meant to be used by those involved in the project, they are a first draft that is meant to be critiqued and updated in order to create a set of plans for building. !!!THEY ARE NOT MEANT AS PLANS FOR BUILDING AT THIS TIME!!!

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Construction manuals coming as soon as I get some time :~)


A new set of plans are in the works so stay tuned or even get involved in the project.

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Airframe assembly